Announcement of RBBAT


Scientific technical council (STC) begins work on the examination of reference books in the field of Best available techniques (BAT) in the following areas:

1) Energy efficiency in the implementation of economic activities

2) Oil and gas processing

3) Combustion of fuel in large installations for the purpose of energy production

4) Production of cast iron, steel, ferroalloys

5) Production of zinc, lead, and cadmium

6) Production of cement and lime

7) Production of inorganic chemicals

8) In this regard, we invite specialists to participate in the work of the expert group.

For details, please contact the chief manager Anvar Darbayev

Work phone + 7 (7172) 799 939

Mobile phone +7 (701) 488 87 33

Announcement of RBBAT Announcement of RBBAT
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