Startup weekend: GreenTech

On November 26-28, 2021, Bishimbayeva Saule and Ugan Zhasulan took part as mentors and jurors, and also acted as co-organizers in the startup weekend Astana Innovations Challenge: Climate Change Startup together with Astana Innovations. The prize fund amounted to 1 million tenge.

Climate change startup weekend WINNERS:

1. ECOLAND team – 1st place, 500,000 tenge

A mobile application for the formation of eco-habits. To begin with, the project deals with the solution of issue No. 1 — to increase awareness and literacy of users in matters of eco-friendly behavior. In order not to turn into a dull textbook, they decided to lure the audience into the process of forming eco-habits in a playful way.

2. UMAI team – 2nd place, 300,000 tenge

Modular mobile autonomous farm "Umai", which, working in automatic mode, allows you to grow crops in any climate, in any place, in any weather. The farm will operate with maximum yield under controlled conditions WITHOUT the use of pesticides and additives.

3. WIND TURBINE CALCULATION team – 3rd place, 200,000 tenge

A service in which it will be possible to determine the installation location and performance of wind turbines.

Startup weekend: GreenTech Startup weekend: GreenTech
Mangilik El prospect, C1.4 Z00Y4T8 Nur-Sultan Akmola region Kazakhstan